About Pearls of Perspective

Pearls of Perspective has been in the works since early 2019, however, due to delay and a tad bit of imposter syndrome, the site wasn’t launched until 2020.  Better late than never! 

Pearls of Perspective founder, Candace, had decided to throw all caution into the wind and  be obedient to the word that had been placed on her heart.

Knowing that there would be people who needed to hear what Candace had to say and would ultimately be able to obtain different “pearl’s” of perspective for  different situations.

Which when embraced, can be worn like a priceless piece of jewelry.

Pearls of Perspective is a Christian Blog that is intended to be a support for other millennial believers who may have found themselves in similar situations. Through humor and insight, be prepared to learn, relax and laugh a little. 

Welcome to the party! 

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