How To Test The Spirit

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Listen…people be lying 😫 

When you have gift of discerning of spirits you start to see things in people that are much deeper than what’s on the surface. You can see the spirits that are working beneath the surface. It’s really mind blowing. 

For me specifically, as I grow in Christ, I REALLY had to be taught how to respond to what you see in people. 😫😭😂 in the beginning I thought I was crazy. 

Nobody else was reacting to it.

I use to ask my friends if they too could see what was happening and often times would disregard what Holy Spirit was showing me because no one else could see it. 

Yet, Every. Single. Time I ended up regretting it. 

Holy Spirit would literally show me in my dreams, or visions what was going to happen and because I couldn’t understand or didn’t spend enough time seeking God for the understanding I would eventually dismiss it as some kind of paranoia and trauma and stay connected to them.

Just because a person isn’t telling you they are evil, doesn’t mean they are good.

Let’s be honest, we all know that you get more bees with honey, so why would anyone admit that in the depths of their heart they are constantly cursing, judging, even hating someone who they have deemed to be a villain in their mind.

You really have to see things by faith and not by sight. This too applies to people, even when it doesn’t make sense choose to stand on your faith.

Just because a person is well liked and appears to present themselves a certain way does not mean that there isn’t something else at work on the inside. If your gift of discerning of spirits is telling you something else… LISTEN❗

The Bible tells us to TEST THE SPIRIT because every spirit is NOT from God. 

Some spirits are extremely manipulative and know what to say to ✨appear✨ to be in the light. 

2 Corinthians 11:14-15 tells us that Satan himself masquerades around as an angel of light so don’t be surprised if his servants are masquerading as servants of righteousness. 

Someone who REALLY loves God keeps (obeys) His commandments.

1 John 5:3

Understand that even though someone can grow up in church and around people who love Jesus they can still not know Jesus, personally.

For example, If you have family members you’ve  heard of, but I’ve never met and spent time with and they approached you on the street your response would be “I do not know you”.

Just because you are aware of who God is and, who His son Jesus is, that does not mean that you are in relationship with God. 

Most of our human relationships set the tone for how we approach relationship with God. 

Imagine being in a relationship with someone who tells you all the time “I love you” and they claim you as their significant other.

But, you never spent time with them. Or consider if you have been in a relationship with someone and they constantly do things that you asked them not to do (disrespectful, cheating, lying, etc.).

That’s not the ideal relationship is it? No. Genuine relationship requires intimacy,  honestly, respect and etc. 

When you’re in true relationship it changes you. 

You start to speak like the other person, enjoy what they enjoy, certain things become a habitual.

You eventually stop participating in things because your love for that person means their pain becomes your pain. 

When you love someone and are in intimacy with them, you don’t want to hurt them.

The same is true regarding a relationship with God. Those who claim to love God, be a follower of Jesus, should also show signs of spending time with God. 

Anyone in true relationship with God will be changed. Not for show or theatrics, but real genuine, heart piercing change through a Holy Spirit encounter. 

Does this mean that everyone who is a believer never sins again or messes up again? No, that’s not what that means.

But, anyone who spends time building that relationship with God through reading their Bible and spending time in prayer will be transformed mentally, and emotionally.

However, it takes humility to admit that YOU NEEDED JESUS and receive the gift of salvation by faith through grace. Admitting that Jesus gave His life so that you could live. Is not easy for someone who struggles with a lot of Pride. 

Pride will make you believe you’re self-made. You have because of what YOU did and who YOU are. The gravity of someone dying for you is heavy, too heavy for someone who struggles with pride.

One way to test the spirit is to consider if the person can reflect on the part they played in situations, are they thinking more highly of themselves than others.

Seeking to criticize or belittle others to make themselves feel more relevant. Sometimes these attributes are a result of needing deliverance. Someone who may have accepted Christ but still has some unresolved pain/trauma lingering inside of them. Where there is offense, a door for the enemy is opened (but, that’s for another blog post at another time).

God resists the proud so, it’s safe to say it may be another spirit at work. 

The bible tells us that we need to always test the spirit and check the fruit.

Is this person constantly gossiping when you talk to them? Slandering others? Fighting or wanting harm other people? Does this person forgive, or do they seek revenge? Do they lie about any and everything? Are they manipulating you? Do they keep their word?

All of these should be considered beyond how someone looks externally.
This is righteous judgement. (Read Matthew 7:15-20)  If you wanted to know the fruits of the Holy Spirit read  Galatians 5:22-23 

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